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As we know, the core of pet games has been to establish an emotional relationship with their users. "How can we establish an intimate relationship between virtual pet and player nowadays?" is my motivation for this AR pet game. This AR pet game is the Tamagotchi of our generation. As I imagine, this will not only have the ability of logical behaviors and actions but also have the agency to reproduce, create and express. The intelligent virtual pet of my design can produce emotion according to real-world interactions and relationships with its users. Similar to a living pet, their unique personalities will impact their decisions and behaviors. 

The function I realized here is the interactions within the seasons, which are generated by the real-time weather API. Based on the temperature and location information, the pet's appearance and environment will be set up differently. (13).gif

Spring Setting (18).gif

Summer Setting (17).gif

Fall Setting (20).gif

Winter Setting

This concept map shows the differences between our generation's classic Tamagotchi and AR Tamagotchi. The blue part is the functions and effects I realized in this project, and it also has a lot of possibilities to play with different APIs in the future. 

AR Concept map.jpg
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