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Redeem is a program for redeeming rewards that provides users with a centralized platform for sharing, transferring, and managing reward points from multiple programs. The Redeem app is designed to enhance the rewards management experience, allowing clients to easily transfer, manage, and redeem rewards across different programs for hotels and airlines. Its goal is to simplify the process of rewards management and make it more effortless for users to redeem their rewards.
After conducting research, the next step was to create a User Flow based on the results. From there, two task flows were developed. The first task flow involved the user booking a round-trip flight on a specific date and attempting to use reward points from two different programs. The second task flow consisted of the user browsing various trips from the promotion page and selecting and booking one that meets their requirements.

High Fidelity Prototype (16).gif
The homepage of Redeem app centers around the core functionality of booking flights and hotels using reward points from enrolled programs. The app enables users to manage and redeem their reward points with various payment plans. Additionally, Redeem displays the most valuable travel deals to keep users informed and inspired. The app empowers users to take control of their reward points and make the most out of their travel experiences.
Once the user provides the departure and arrival locations, travel dates, and the number of passengers, the Redeem app generates a list of flights that can be booked using the user's reward points. (17).gif (18).gif
Upon completing the booking process, the app verifies the booking information and presents the optimal payment solution to the user. Furthermore, users have the option to modify their payment methods and may apply reward points from multiple programs, subject to availability. Once confirmed, users can access their itinerary and flight details from the homepage.

Reflection and Next Steps:

The Redeem App project aimed to enhance user experience and provide more value. All modifications and iterations were informed by user feedback and data. The app primarily targets users in the Western market, where credit cards and travel programs have been a staple for years. The concept is to algorithmize the best value for users based on their enrolled travel programs.


The Redeem App streamlines reward program management by allowing users to share, transfer, and manage all their programs in one app. The project lifecycle, from conceptualization to prototyping, was mapped out, and thorough usability testing was conducted to improve the final result. Due to time limitations, the focus was on the search and booking process of flights, and mockups and prototypes were created. Feel free to ask me any questions about the process.

👍Thank you for reading!

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