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The Third Chimpanzee

"Third Chimpanzee" is a video installation made in Maya and Motion Studio. This video installation consists of two parts, first is the documentation of me sitting in the chair, and wearing Rokoko Smart Suit in the empty room; the second part is a simulation in a virtual space of this chimpanzee-like character. These two individual videos were to set up on two displays, and each display frames the video to separate the world from reality and virtual. Each action in the video has imperceptible changes, and the two characters seem to be mirror images but also communicate with each other.

This idea came from the title "The Third Chimpanzee", the human being will be recognized as the third chimpanzee on the earth if a higher civilization came. What makes us different than the other species? How are we reform the world which influenced the virtual world we have formed? What will happen if we simulate the simulated world? These are the question I want to discuss.

Above is a demonstration video of this interactive project using Unity 3D and DIY motion capture. The circuit is built with Arduino Uno, Acceleration Sensor MPU6050 and Arduino package.


Wearable 3D Print Cover printed by TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Material 3D Printing with Ultimaker


Ideal 3d Model of chimpanzee (made in Maya)

The final look of simulation in Maya with the data from Rokoko smart suit

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