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👋Hello there,
This is the website of Bingyu Xie /
She has interdisciplinary experience in designing digital user experiences and interactions; improving usability and accessibility for all; developing the digital realm and building games in AR & VR;  making art in a wide range of mixed media.
👇Here are some featured works (15).gif
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Redeem is an in-progress project. Travel seekers have many challenges when searching for hotels and flights using their redeemed points. This app will help them to manage, redeem, and apply their rewards across different plans and programs. 
COM HOME helps users build an intelligent home with highly compatible devices, a safe community, and effective communications. Let those smart things become good companionship is the mission of this project.


This virtual pet can produce emotion according to real-world interactions and user relationships. Users can interact with their pets with different gestures. The pet's appearance and environment are set up differently based on the temperature and location information.
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